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How to Get Involved! 

Every Saturday we open the workshop doors and invite people to come down, get involved in the project and meet the team. We also provide lunch, tea and coffee for the volunteers. There are plenty of fun things to get involved with whatever your skills are. Or, a workshop arranged by us, for you to participate in!

If you are more interested in being a full time volunteer then drop us a message through our workaway page. You can read more about our volunteer experiences on our blog.

For updates, events and the lastest news; follow us on Facebook and Twitter.

We are organising ourselves in Working Groups. This also allows you to direct your request to the right people in Flydende By. 

If you are interested in writing an article about us, taking pictures, filming, hosting an event/workshop or being part of an event, contact our PR & Event Working Group via FlydendeByPR@gmail.com

If you are have inquiries about our physical organisation and workshop set-up, contact our Space Development Working Group via FlydendeBySpaceDevelopment@gmail.com

If want to contact us concerning our involvement in the Guldminen KBH project, you are welcome to write to our Materialecentralen Working Group via Materialecentralen@gmail.com

If you have inquiries about renting space in our warehouse or any question that should be posed to our economics team, contact our Economics Working Group via FlydendeByEconomics@gmail.com

If you have question concerning our catamarans and other boats, contact our Boat Working Group via FlydendeByBoats@gmail.com

If you feel like helping us out developing our community and organising internal events, you are welcome to contact our Community Development Working Group via FlydendeByCommunityDevelopment@gmail.com

Our location is also used as part of the foodsharing Copenhagen network. For this aspect contact foodsharingCph@gmail.com