Space Development *Working-Group*

The Space Development Group is focused primarily on getting an overview on how space in the Warehouse and Goldmine is being used.

Spirulina Project

Update: This project is no longer running at Flydende By.  You are still more than welcome to get in touch if you have any questions! 


This project is experimenting with sustainable ways of growing algae (Spirulina), aiming for zero energy consumption.

Repaired self-made micro windmill

The windmill is repaired by using bike parts, brackets, rubber pipe etc.

The mill is fully fuctional but a charge controller is needed for it to charge the batteries. It's possible to make a charge controller using recycled electronic components.

Industrial made micro windmill


The windmill is connected to the tower simply by pushing the thinner end of the tower inside it.

Tower (incomplete)

Water detector



Rain water is collected in a 1000 liter tank  on the main floor.

Automatic arduino-based irrigation/cooling/lighting system

Automatic  gardening system for GreenHouse Boat

# This project has not been comcluded yet# 25/06/2016


1.- Control temperature inside the Greenhouse.

2.- Provide extra light.

3.- Periodical water pumping.

Swap shops

Swap shops should be in the city and should inspire people to share and swap all kinds of things like clothes, books, tools, ideas, secrets... The effect will be that people experience how much happiness it gives you to give and take unconditionally and it will reduce consumption.

Resource center - "Materialecentralen"

Our resource center Materialecentralen is distributing materials from the Vasbygade Recycling Station of the Copenhagen-based trash company ARC in collaboration with Copenhagen municipality.

Painting the new catamaran with rustprotective paint from recycled polystyrene

Update: The polystyrene paint has been applied, and is showing great results!


bike electricity generators

We have developed and set up a fleet of electricity producing bikes. We use recycled dc motors for generators, identical to window-shield wiper motors from cars.

We produce 100-250 watts pr. bike.

Electric propulsion

We want our boats to be able to sail with electric motors powered by renewable energy. One of the first experiments was to convert old outboard engines from the scrap with normal 220V AC motors run through inverters from a battery bank.

Rolling Stage

 We have built our own rolling stage! We use this for a variety of events, both our own and for other events too. A great way of raising awareness and providing a platform for entertainment.

Floating City

This is the long term physical aim of the Flydende By project.

Ocean Heat

The aim is to use the compressor from fridges to make effective heatpumps extracting heat from the waters below us, and warming up our boats.

Kitchen and Sanitary Float

The Kitchen and Sanitary Float will be a part of the Floating Course Center. It will provide basic facilities for a group of course participants to stay onboard.

Goals for functionality:

Turtle Sauna

The floating sauna has been in the water since 2010.

It is heated using wood in a small furnace.

Floating Course Center

A floating platform for skill sharing.

The cource center will have facilities for workshops and courses related to sustainable transition.

Mini Windmill

The picture is a prototype mill put up in 2011.

Made from scrap materials