Automatic arduino-based irrigation/cooling/lighting system

Automatic  gardening system for GreenHouse Boat

# This project has not been comcluded yet# 25/06/2016


1.- Control temperature inside the Greenhouse.

2.- Provide extra light.

3.- Periodical water pumping.

Project development :

1.- Control Temperature

Temperature is going to be measured by LM35 temperature sensor. LM35 reads temperatu in mv. This information is going to be sent to the Arduino UNO where is going to be compared to defined limit temperature.When the defined temperature is passes  a relay is going to be swiched on and a group of fans are going to be actived.

2.- Provide extra light

Light intensity is going to be measured by a LDR sensor( Light depending Resistor). If the light intensity is high the LDR´s resistance is going to be very low. The Arduino UNO board is going to read the mv dropped in the LDR. When the light intensity is not enough, it is under the defined limit, a relay2 is going to be swiched on and LED lamps are going to be actived inside the GreenHouse.

3.- Periodical water pumping

A regular 220 v timer has been used to solve water pumping task. Unfortunally it is impossible to use this device when the voltage is 12 or 24 voltes.This 220 v timer can  not be used in our GreenHouse Boat. This last task hasn´t been mended.


The project target hasn´t been reached yet.

Actually, the Arduino UNO is able to active the fans and lights when the programmed limits are passed,but is enable to work under a schedule.

THe IDE programme have to be improved, the addition of a timer is necessacy. The addition of this timer means that a new programme have to be developed and a Arduino UNO Timer have to be bought. ( Arduino Uno hasn´t got enough memory to create a timer itself)

NOTE: Floating city Arduino Board  voltage plug doesn´t work.



- How to connect sensor to arduino 

- Automatic system for Greenhouse Boat

- Automatic lighting/cooling

Project start: 
June, 2016