Brown Boat and the Pirates

The Pirate Home of Copenhagen

History time

Brown Boat has a long and complicated history. It was once a proud fishing boat with a unkown name! Doing these proud days, the boat now known as Brown Boat catched a lot of happy fish (i could imagine), but one day it got its last fish! The boat was sold to a mad scientist, that decided to transform this mighty fishing boat into a even more eyecacthing diesel povered powerhouse of a boat (with nice living spaces and beutiful art... so the scientist cut open the deck (not on the side tho ;) ), and welded a box on it. He later gave up, and gave the boat to the beautiful Floating City (red. Flydende by) for a symbolic price of 1 Dkk, this was super great (with capital SUPER), since floating city needed a tug boat.

Brown Boat was kept for a while, but not much was done.... One day  (earlier than the earliest sun), the engine decided to go from "Hey! that's super nice, we just need to fix this", to "Aww, this is not a tug boat, we are gonna make this a living space". And just before the work was started, a natural disaster hid floating city: capitalism. We got kicked out of our habour space by DONG, and that rang an alarmbell "ding DONG ding DONG!" and we had to find a new place for the boat. We found some lovely pirate waters, but the bold sailors ran into another problem, the bridge was too low for the boat, and the people controlling it, too harsh aswell.... So we did the only thing possible: we sank the boat.

It is now the flagship of a fleet in pirate waters together with Donald Duck, the Green House & a couple of other pirrrrraaates docked to us, in a formation called Fiddlers Green.

The ongoing project

Since we sank the boat, it has had alot of problems with water and rotten wood, the roof was leaking, there were no beds, floor, livingspace, chairs, tables, power and heat.

now we are working on fixing this boat, making it the best located houseboat in Copenhagen! we've so far fixed the roofs, made a floor, made places to sit, put in a wood-stove and made a sleeping area downstairs. We've converted another boat (Donald Duck), into a powerbank containning a whole lot of car-batteries and are connected in parralel to Brown Boats inverter and solarpanel.

Project start: 
December, 2016