Floating City

This is the long term physical aim of the Flydende By project.

The Floating City will consist of a number of independent floats, that each provide functionality to the floating society. The aim is that the Floating City will get more independent, self sufficient, and resilient for each module / float that is added to it, while maintaining strong interaction with cities and people on land.

Steps in building up the Floating City:

  1. Build basic facilities for activities on the water, especially for educational purposes
  2. Become self sufficient with energy, namely electricity and heating
  3. Recycle organic waste onboard through composting, biogas digestion, and gassification
  4. Build and establish floating collectives and cultural institution


The Floating City will be an experimental zone with the aim to develop within many areas:

  • Democracy and day-to-day engagement of people in a community / society
  • Architecture, city planning, and building processes
  • Self sufficiency and resilience towards outer changes, that be climatic, political, etc.


We are currently working with these ideas:

  • Organic and colourful arcitecture
  • Building processes and techniques developed for people with no previous building skills
  • Consensus democracy
  • Autonomous working groups
  • Recycling and reusing waste from the established society and industry
  • Skill sharing through non-profit courses with no salaries and no fees
Project start: 
October, 2008
Relation to other projects: