Info café

The concept
The info café is the soft opening to the project. Here people get to meet the activists and volunteers behind Flydende By in cozy surroundings that reflect a known concept: the café.
  While we have experienced that some people just walk into our workshops and ask "what's going on here?", we have a feeling that others feel alienated by the non-ordinary appearance, and while they look curious, they don't approach us. Therefore we wanted to create surroundings where they would feel comfortable getting to know us better.
The info café is based on voluntary work. You can get a nice coffee for a donation, and sign up on the volunteer list.

The info

  • The floating city project, its history, and how to get involved
  • The local area, its history, and plans for development
  • Written material on D.I.Y. / D.I.T. solutions for sustainable transition

The coffee
We serve coffee grown by the Zapatistas in Mexico and imported directly by Café Libertad in Hamburg.

Project start: 
July, 2012