Spirulina Project

Update: This project is no longer running at Flydende By.  You are still more than welcome to get in touch if you have any questions! 


This project is experimenting with sustainable ways of growing algae (Spirulina), aiming for zero energy consumption.

In the Summer we grow it outside, in Winter we grow it inside. This is a collaborative project, meaning if you have an interest in this, join in. Like Spirulina, we are stronger together. We collaborate with Labitat (DIY hacker-space in Cph).


- DIY Spirulina cultivation

- Educating about the full process of algae (Spirulina) cultivation through workshops

- Distributing spirulina starter cultures for everyone interested and capable of taking care of it, no matter who you are, in Copenhagen

- Creating and distributing aquariums out of recycled glass

Main contact



The Spirulina starter culture arrives from France (together with Nathan, who carried the Spirulina in his bagpack!)


Spring/Summer 2016: Spirulina outside in a greenhouse made from windows.



Summer/Spring 2016: Spirulina outside in a bigger aquarium and a newly build insulated greenhouse.


Project start: 
April, 2016