Steel tank catamaran 2

The picture above is an early sketch from before we collected all the steel tanks.

Here is a new one with the actual proportions of our steel tanks:

This float will be the floating foundation for Kitchen and Sanitary Arc


Here is a first sketch of the construction.

  1. wave breaker
  2. box shaped tanks for building together the two sides of the catamaran
  3. cylindrical tanks providing the flotation
  4. man-holes for accessing the big tanks
  5. laddice masts for building together the two sides of the catamaran
  6. windows for the big tanks

Materials needed

7 big cylindric tanks for flotation.

2 small tanks for wave breakers

one big tank to be cut in to slices for connecting big tanks in a rows

small box-shaped tanks

lattice masts

welding electrodes

Tools required

big angle grinders

"bajonet saw"

electrode welder + equipment

Areas of work - phase 1

Find out how the tanks should be positioned.

Preparing pieces for interconnecting big tanks

Welding big tanks together in rows

Welding connection between the two rows (sides) of the catamaran



Project start: 
September, 2012
Relation to other projects: