Steel tank catamaran 2

The picture above is an early sketch from before we collected all the steel tanks.

Here is a new one with the actual proportions of our steel tanks:

Fart machine

A.K.A. biogas digester

Pancake bicycle

"Pandekagecyklen". This rolling wonder of a mobile kitchen is equipped with a bio-fuel oven with chimney that heats a large metal plate. In the photo it's also equipped with a mini-windmill that provides electricity for LED lights in the evening.

Usage instructions

Solar panel (for heating water)

Materials used for the first panel (all recycled materials):

  • A wood-styrofoam-aluminium sandwich, taken from the bottom of a trash caravan.
  • Copper tubing
  • A 3-layer thermo window


Solar panel (for electricity)

By buying the raw solar cells and making the panel yourself you can get solar electricity for cheap. If you get broken/chipped cells you can make it even cheaper.

Prototype float

The first float we are putting together.

Featuring the first steel tank catamaran and the first fibre concrete house.

Info café

The concept
The info café is the soft opening to the project. Here people get to meet the activists and volunteers behind Flydende By in cozy surroundings that reflect a known concept: the café.

Floating Green House

The Floating Green House is a first tiny step towards self sufficiency at sea. Together with compost toilets and biogas digesters, it's the final step in recirculating organic waste.

Rainwater from the roof is being collected as well.

Fibre concrete house

The fibre concrete house is build from straw wound in chicken wire, with a thin shell of fibre enforced mortar added on top.


Steel tank catamaran 1

A flloating construction made of recycled steel tanks.

We launched the first steel tank catamaran in November 2010.

Dome float

We are making a geodesic dome out of recycled materials. It's going to float.

Brown Boat and the Pirates

The Pirate Home of Copenhagen

History time

Community Development *Working-Group*

We aim to have a community that is healthy, happy and able to take responsibility for running the project.

The responsible person for the group should keep the task-list updated, call for meetings (every ?day at 15)


rainwater system

the aim is to use rainwater from the roof for every purpose. 

For a start we will use tap-water from next foor for drinking.


We are collecting the water from 500 squaremeter white painted steel roof. 

Christmas Trees from recycled materials

We renew the Christmas tradition be building Christmas trees from scrap

pyrolysis gas generator

The aim is to make en four stroke generator run on self-made gas from biomass.

The gas will be made throug pyrolysis.

The gas will then be led to the generator through a regulating valve.

DC step down motor controller

We want to make controllers to run dc motors on electric bikes etc.

We aim to use recycled components. We will use parts from:

UPS inverter.



Some documents will be saved in the google-drive:

Rebuilding Donald Duck

We want to make Donald Duck run and turn it into a useful space!